Whether you were able to decipher the title of this blog as what it’s actually phonetically saying, married, or you’re just learning now – don’t get too excited. No one around here is getting married. We’re all married to our work. Printing and designing… But, as of a late a lot of our work has been in the wedding arena. We’re currently designing a letterpress invite that is sure to push the limits of what we know how to do on these things… I can’t wait to post pics of it when it’s done.

A simpler print happened days ago at the wonderful Anna Bond’s (of Rifle Design) first young wedding professional’s event. It was held in her studio right next door to us. There were bagels, coffee, and real live letterpressing for an audience. I’d like to think we lived up to the pressure when we printed them favors for the day.

Anna snapped a few pics…

pics by anna bond

Want a live print in your house? Come help me move this 2,500 lb beast for the day and I’m in.

thanks to all in attendance…
Orange Blossom Ink
Trisha Hay Design
Boombox Bindery
Ashley Brooke Designs
Anavi Ink
Studio222 Photography
Grace Edmands Calligraphy
and of course the hostess anna bond of rifle design