I’m hoping you’ve seen the ‘you’re business card is crap’ video…
If not – search it in youtube. I fear posting it here would just make us
look like we’re terribly behind the times… Well, we’re not, I swear.

Moving on… The cure for crap business cards? Well, I don’t think you necessary
need to die-cut, emboss, foil, score, and do everything else to them like the
aforementioned video prescribes… Heck, I’ll even go as far to say that you don’t
even need to letterpress them. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to letterpress your cards.
But, it doesn’t always prove the best option for the design.

Case in point. Check this Maven designed card that we screen printed and had laser-cut…

A screen printed card can accomplish the near impossible (white print on black card stock) while providing a more cost effective way to make something truly unique.

Like the custom die-cut center? Request a custom job here

photo credit. www.jonpauldouglass.com