Check that fine print(ing)….

A few months back our good friend Anna at Rifle Design approached us to screen print a piece that she was asked to do for Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine – and for a few months we’ve thought her to be a complete liar. Turns out though, she’s not. See the photographic proof. We took the liberty of circling the fine print containing the sauce shout out. Martha’s definitely big enough for us to be stoked about our name in small print.


Get by with a little help… From Youtube.

When it’s your second sunday in a row dealing with what feels like a never ending series of consecutive/crippling hard drive crashes, you haven’t slept in a week, your jobs are backing up, and you find yourself asking the universe, why? – It’ real easy to give up. Well, you may not have this exact scenario, but just the same, when you find yourself in your equivalent of this hell the best thing to do is search the life-giving youtube for relief.

Here’s my hope for the day…

jumpsuits, back ground dancers, and an early appearance of the short skirt.

pure bliss..

thanks to austin for this one

These and my fresh baked baguette will get me through the day.
Enjoy yours.

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