Sunburn on our prints???

Elephant Walk Antiques and Interiors + Mama’s Sauce = super rad screen printed tapestries.

When you start talking about 5 ft screen prints, we have to start thinking creatively around here… i.e. Something that big we have to burn in the sun and then hose out in the parking lot. Check out some pics of the process…

There’s no job too big for the sauce!


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Hear ye, hear ye. You should work here, ye…


Mama’s Sauce is looking for someone… Someone special. A hybrid really. We are currently in need of a person who is organized and passionate about being so, while also having an appreciation for the creative – specifically print and design. We shall call this person, ‘the shoppe co-ordinator’. This is the the person who takes pride in being the backbone of an organization, making sure that all of the steps happen from A to Z, and then making sure that us crazy’s here actually make the print happen. Once said print is delivered, it is also important that he or she is able to feel the same pride that we with paint on our hands do, as we all really do create everything here as a team.

While it would take more words than I care to type to accurately describe all that the shoppe co-ordinator does, I can give a brief summation. It’s all in the name really. It’s about co-ordinating, funneling, orchestrating. It’s about systems. Yes, it does have some office management aspects, but this person is more than that. And while it is true that this position is also synonymous with ‘accounts receivable’, this term too hardly does justice to what this person is and does.

This is a carefully worded announcement, as it is meant to reach the right person. The lover of systems and art. Is that you? Care to chat about it?

We are but a small and humble company looking for someone to enjoy life with us. If you think that may be you, below is how to go about looking into this position… If this isn’t you, but you know someone who it may be, please send them this blog link.

The how to.
Send an email to
Make the subject of your email ‘shoppe co-ordinator’
Use the body of the email as your cover letter
Attached a PDF version of your resume

Quick checklist of qualities before applying…
- must be able to work in a fast paced environment
- multi-tasker
-communication and people skills
-good work ethic
-familiar with office suite and quickbooks
-experience in a organizational position

The Poster Cause Project

A few months ago a guy named Anthony contacted us about full color poster rates for a website that uses limited poster releases to raise money for assorted charities. Using the arts for good. Well, the designs started coming in from Anthony and we printed them… And, it seems that it was a hit.

The Poster Cause Project is it’s name, and it’s the newest, greatest place to shop for your wall art. It’s super easy shop and just as easy to see just how well each poster does by it’s respective beneficiary.

As far as I know, we’re their official printer, and we couldn’t be more proud to take part in what they do.
Take some time to see just what it is that they do.

To screen print Orr not to screen print.

Clark Orr is a bad boy. That’s all I really have to say.

Check out this 24×36 behemoth that he sent our way to
print for Everygreen Terrace’s 10th anniversary show in
Jacksonville, FL and see if you agree…