Same print, different paper. A different look, a different feel.

There’s so much to be said about the paper choice for your print project. Color, weight, texture, etc… The paper you choose really is a big part of bringing your design to life. Being that we love paper, we try to have as many choices as humanly possible for you to select from. Shoot, on some products we have a standard option for you to name your French Paper stock, and they have a mind boggling selection! We just don’t want to limit you in your decision, which is why we have the ability for you to request a custom quote.

To show you that you just can’t go wrong with our paper selection, here’s the same 1-color letterpress print on two different stocks. The first is Crane’s Lettra 110# Ecru and the second is .30 chipboard. The design really translates well on both. Even though the Lettra is an elegant sheet, the design really pulls it towards the rustic side of it’s character and plays off of the toothy finish very well. The chipboard is a bit more dense, but is well suited for a black hit of ink with an old-time design.

Which do you prefer? I think they both work very well.

you can find an ever-growing detailed explanation of our paper stocks here.

Screen Printed Business Cards on Chipboard

Chipboard is a great post-consumer product. Made from recycled scraps, it generally has a brown hue but can also range into the brown/gray arena. The board we use is .30 but we can get thicker stock if requested.

It’s durable, thick, and has the rugged feel of something that is definitely recycled.

3/3 spot with a full wash of blue on one side

3/0 – bright colors aren’t a problem for screen print, not even on chipboard!

1/1 with a really dark navy, just barely off of a black

A close-up of just how opaque white can go down on chipboard when screen printing

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Screen Printed Business Cards – Light on dark

There’s nothing like having a dark stock instead of laying down the color you want. There’s a real sense of authenticity that is just plain impressive when you see a card with a colored background and it’s the paper, not the ink, that is the color.

Screen printing on your business cards is a great way to do what is impossible for other processes, specially printing light colors on dark paper. White ink is a specific niche that screen printing holds over the less opaque letterpress and offset options. The other option for white on dark would be foil, which is great and has it’s place. Yes we can foil your cards, but the choice between the two is really design specific… Feel free to call us to see which we recommend for your design.

Here are a few screen printed cards on dark stocks to help inspire you for possibilities…

Duplexed to double thick 130# Neenah Epic Black, this card a 3/2 spot. The tone on tone gives the card a ‘spot uv’ feel, even though it’s just gloss ink. This paper is a rich black sheet.

A 1/0 square card on 140# French Black Muscletone, a softer more grainy black paper

Duplexed double thick on French Hot Fudge and Cement Green. 3/2 spot

2/0 spot on 140# French Muscletone Black

1/1 white ink on 130# Neenah Epic Black

A good example of how opaque our white screen print ink is.

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