CreativeMornings with Mama

Our founder, Nick Sambrato, gave one heck of a talk for CreativeMornings Orlando. The theme was money and he took a really neat tack with the topic. In his talk, Nick explores what it’s like to be a part of Orlando’s vibrant creative community and questions why Orlando loses so many talented folks to bigger markets like NYC and San Francisco. He explains that money is a cog in the wheel of community: creating opportunity for the ones we love.

Grouper Identity by Kyle Miller

Our buddy¬†Kyle Miller sent this beauty our way last year. It’s a blast when we get to be a part of such an extensive and well-thought-out identity package. If you’re not familiar, Grouper is a social club that sets up drinks between 2 groups of friends: 3 guys and 3 girls.

These business cards did a little Groupering of their own: 3 different colorways with matching edges kept us plenty busy. The cards were letterpress printed on French Paper Company Madero Beach 140 lb. cover that was then duplexed to 280 lb. cover.



Shirts were silkscreen printed by our bosom buddies over at Real Thread:


Hats by Ebbets Field Flannels:



See more of the identity here.