Cleaning Out the Fridge: A Week in Print, Vol. 3

Lots of silkscreen & foil this week. It was fun to re-connect with our pals over at Visual Supply Co. as well as crank out tons of stationery for The Paper Cub. This week’s wedding work really stepped it up, too: lots of unorthodox goodness in that department. Also, we got to print some client work for a graduate of the Mama’s Sauce Internship; that always brings a smile to our face.

White & Gold foil was used on these self-promotional coasters for Visual Supply Co. Printed on Neenah Classic Crest Epic Black 260 lb. Cover.

1 color screen printed poster by Adam Trageser. Order here.


1 color screen printed wedding invite by Stephanie Doyle. Printed on Walnut Veneer.

Bridal brunch invite by Kristie Hoover. Gold foil stamp on Colorplan Emerald.

Foil stamped bridal suite by Kristie Hoover on Colorplan Paper


Foil stamped & screen printed business cards for It! Events & Media. Designed by Sauce Internship Alum Lillian Vides and printed on duplexed French Pop-Tone Sno Cone & Neenah Classic Crest Natural White.

The rest of these goodies were designed by The Paper Cub and screen printed on French Paper.

Paper-Cub-You-Did-It-Card-2Greeting card by The Paper Cub. 2 color screen print on French Construction Pure White 100 lb. Cover.Paper-Cub-Mothers-Day-Stripes-Seafoam Paper-Cub-Mother-No-Other-CardPaper-Cub-Dad-Youre-Rad-Card Paper-Cub-Hexagon-Card Paper-Cub-Graduate-Card Paper-Cub-Best-Dad-CardPaper-Cub-Mom-Black-Card


Cleaning Out the Fridge: A Week in Print, Vol. 2

Dominated by self-promotional brand pieces and amazing illustration, this week’s roster was equal parts challenging & rewarding.

This week’s photo backdrop: French Pop-Tone Berrylicious


Coen Brothers poster by MailChimp for the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. 3 color screen print on French Pop-Tone Orange Fizz 100 lb. Cover.


Mel Brooks poster by MailChimp for the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. 3 color screen print on French Construction Pure White 100 lb. Cover.


Steven Spielberg poster by MailChimp for the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. 3 color screen print on Colorplan Lockwood 100 lb. Cover.


Terminator poster by Electric Zombie. 6 color screen print on Stardream Silver 105 lb. Cover. That’s right…silver.


Foil & Letterpress business cards by Alex Anderson on duplexed French Pop-Tone Black Licorice & Construction Pure White 100 lb. Cover. That’s white & silver foil on the black side, and black letterpress on the white side.


Self-promotional business cards by El Autobus. 2 color screen print on French Bubblegum, Fuse Green, Steel Blue, & Whitewash 100 lb. Cover.


Screen printed, letterpress printed, and edge painted business cards & note cards by Eyespeak. Printed on duplexed French Steel Grey & Pure White 100 lb. cover.


Split fountain letterpress printed save the date by Emily Burns. Printed on duplexed French Speckletone Madero Beach 100 lb. cover (final weight of 200 lb. cover).


Self-promotional business cards by Jaime Muñoz. Black foil on both sides of a Neenah Classic Crest Duplex.


Self-promotional business cards by Sevenly w/ a black screen print and a blind deboss on French Pure White; the edges were painted with a custom Pantone as well.


Wedding invite by Rashi Birla that combines screen printing and letterpress tastefully.

Cleaning Out the Fridge: A Week in Print, Vol. 1

Okay, we’re gonna give this another shot. Back in 2011, we tried to make a weekly blog post that documented everything we’d printed the week before. Well, that idea got swallowed up in the day-to-day crucible of actually running a print shop. Now, it’s 2014. We’re a bit better-staffed these days (and a bit better at printing) and we’d like to give it another shot. Call it a New Year’s Resolution, if you like… we’ll call it Cleaning Out the Fridge.


Screen Printed business cards for Pukka Headwear. Printed on black Fibermark Touché.


Screen printed business cards for Michelle LaRocca. Printed with metallic gold ink on French Paper.


Letterpress, screen printed, duplexed, & die cut business cards for Mattei’s Tavern. Printed on French Paper and designed by Boy Burns Barn.


Screen printed, foil stamped, & embossed business cards for Crankshaft Marketing. Printed on Neenah Classic Crest Epic Black.


Screen printed business cards for Elizabeth Hanley. Printed with metallic gold ink on black French Paper.


Foil stamped business cards for Fritz Scheller on Stardream pearlescent paper.


Screen printed Save the Date by Matthew Ruzzi on Colorplan Paper.


Letterpress business cards for Six Degrees. Printed on duplexed French Paper with a die cut.


Letterpress business cards for Sarah Gargano designed by Alana Riley. Printed on Crane’s Lettra 220 lb. cover with custom edge painting.


Screen printed business cards for Alchemy Salon. Printed on duplexed Colorplan Paper.


Screen printed birthday greeting card for The Paper Cub on French Paper.


Foil stamped note card for Karen Brody on Colorplan Paper.


Letterpress & screen printed mini-cards and custom matchbox for Josh Shank using French Paper.


Screen printed invite with metallic ink by Paper Rock Scissor on French Paper.


Screen printed note cards for The Grossbauer Group on French Paper.


Letterpress Wedding Suite by Kaitlin Imwalle on Crane’s Lettra.


Screen printed note cards for Michelle LaRocca. Printed with metallic ink on French Paper.


Letterpress & foil stamped wedding suite by Val Melo on French Paper.


Screen printed romantic greeting card by The Paper Cub on French Paper


Letterpress wedding invite by Natalina Marlow with screen printed envelopes.


Letterpress wedding invite by Michelle Ballesteros on Crane’s Lettra.


Screen printed poster for Tanner Mardis on French Paper.


Screen printed poster by Ryan Brinkerhoff on French Paper


Grouper Identity by Kyle Miller

Our buddy Kyle Miller sent this beauty our way last year. It’s a blast when we get to be a part of such an extensive and well-thought-out identity package. If you’re not familiar, Grouper is a social club that sets up drinks between 2 groups of friends: 3 guys and 3 girls.

These business cards did a little Groupering of their own: 3 different colorways with matching edges kept us plenty busy. The cards were letterpress printed on French Paper Company Madero Beach 140 lb. cover that was then duplexed to 280 lb. cover.



Shirts were silkscreen printed by our bosom buddies over at Real Thread:


Hats by Ebbets Field Flannels:



See more of the identity here.

The Many Hanging Chads of Tommy Perez.

“Business in the front; party in the back,” proclaimed Minneapolis-based designer, Tommy Perez, as he came at us with an ambitious idea for play-with-able letterpress business cards. We told him that if he wanted to play around, he should find a print shop that thought letterpress was a game rather than a respectable and historic craft.


Tommy picked his four favorite French Paper Co. Pop-Tone colors and we mixed inks to match. Tommy’s idea was to die cut the cards so that the outlines of each letter in his name became a little foldable tab. The whimsical Pop-Tone papers were duplexed to the back of the card so that a little folding would bring the party right on through to the front.

For more inspiration/diversion, take gander at Tommy’s Kwik Krafts.


From back to front: Pop-Tone Razzle Berry, Grape Jelly, Sour Apple, and Blu Raspberry.


We don’t normally give the press this much candy at once, but…




Hogan pulled a few mental muscles on this one.


Back view of cutting die. This is what we used to punch out the cards and crease the hinges of the letters.



The Ordinary Business Cards by Fuzzco

The eerily talented folks up at Fuzzco sent this gem our way last month. Luckily, we had already been creeping on the beautiful site they built for Charleston’s newest fancy seafood & oyster hall: The Ordinary. Needless to say, we were giddy to get started.


One must hold one’s card just so.


Silkscreen printing allows us to print nice, bright colors on nice, dark papers…nice.




And That’s Why You Always Leave A Note…

Here’s a little process we’ve been working on perfecting and wanted to share… Full wash letterpress cards.

SEE: The new incarnation of the Mama’s Sauce Business Card.
1-color black letterpress on 110# Florescent White Lettra duplexed to 140# Black Muscletone.

When you give the negative space in your design some room to breathe, surround it with enough coverage, and then build just the right counter you can really make a pillowy fluff that’s somewhat like a hybrid emboss.

All of the white type is knocked out from the plate, which affords us the chance to put as much ink on the plate as we want. That coupled with just the right impression allows us to get near 100% opacity on the color wash and create an inverted effect from the standard letterpress deboss. Had there been positive text along with the knockout, it wouldn’t be possible to get quality results on just one plate, as positive type can’t be slathered with ink. Why can’t we put as much ink on positive type as we do with knocked out? Science. We don’t know the science. It just is.

Lesson to take from this: Big color washes belong on their own plates. You can knock type or imagery out of that plate/color and not affect opacity much, but don’t even think about adding in positive area text or imagery on that plate/color unless you’re willing to either sacrifice opacity overall or severely bleed out the positive images… Want solid washes and good clean positive type on the same color? Then be prepared to pay to plate the two separately. There’s no wrong way to do it, I mean shoot, there’s something to be said for lowering the opacity on certain wash areas… We just want you to be prepared and in the know.


-J. Walter Weatherman

Same print, different paper. A different look, a different feel.

There’s so much to be said about the paper choice for your print project. Color, weight, texture, etc… The paper you choose really is a big part of bringing your design to life. Being that we love paper, we try to have as many choices as humanly possible for you to select from. Shoot, on some products we have a standard option for you to name your French Paper stock, and they have a mind boggling selection! We just don’t want to limit you in your decision, which is why we have the ability for you to request a custom quote.

To show you that you just can’t go wrong with our paper selection, here’s the same 1-color letterpress print on two different stocks. The first is Crane’s Lettra 110# Ecru and the second is .30 chipboard. The design really translates well on both. Even though the Lettra is an elegant sheet, the design really pulls it towards the rustic side of it’s character and plays off of the toothy finish very well. The chipboard is a bit more dense, but is well suited for a black hit of ink with an old-time design.

Which do you prefer? I think they both work very well.

you can find an ever-growing detailed explanation of our paper stocks here.

Screen Printed Business Cards on Chipboard

Chipboard is a great post-consumer product. Made from recycled scraps, it generally has a brown hue but can also range into the brown/gray arena. The board we use is .30 but we can get thicker stock if requested.

It’s durable, thick, and has the rugged feel of something that is definitely recycled.

3/3 spot with a full wash of blue on one side

3/0 – bright colors aren’t a problem for screen print, not even on chipboard!

1/1 with a really dark navy, just barely off of a black

A close-up of just how opaque white can go down on chipboard when screen printing

Get a quote on something like this here

Screen Printed Business Cards – Light on dark

There’s nothing like having a dark stock instead of laying down the color you want. There’s a real sense of authenticity that is just plain impressive when you see a card with a colored background and it’s the paper, not the ink, that is the color.

Screen printing on your business cards is a great way to do what is impossible for other processes, specially printing light colors on dark paper. White ink is a specific niche that screen printing holds over the less opaque letterpress and offset options. The other option for white on dark would be foil, which is great and has it’s place. Yes we can foil your cards, but the choice between the two is really design specific… Feel free to call us to see which we recommend for your design.

Here are a few screen printed cards on dark stocks to help inspire you for possibilities…

Duplexed to double thick 130# Neenah Epic Black, this card a 3/2 spot. The tone on tone gives the card a ‘spot uv’ feel, even though it’s just gloss ink. This paper is a rich black sheet.

A 1/0 square card on 140# French Black Muscletone, a softer more grainy black paper

Duplexed double thick on French Hot Fudge and Cement Green. 3/2 spot

2/0 spot on 140# French Muscletone Black

1/1 white ink on 130# Neenah Epic Black

A good example of how opaque our white screen print ink is.

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