In the Creative Cloud w/ Draplin

We partnered Adobe Creative Cloud & Draplin to produce Adobe’s HOW Design Conference booth give-a-way. Also, make sure to catch our talk with Draplin on stage at HOW on Thursday May 7 12:30-1:30.

Thanks Fiction for all the video and storytelling support.


Oh, and the announcement animation was pretty rad too…

Adobe’s HOW Conference Giveaway with Aaron Draplin from Mama's Sauce on Vimeo.

Cleaning Out the Fridge: A Week in Print, Vol. 3

Lots of silkscreen & foil this week. It was fun to re-connect with our pals over at Visual Supply Co. as well as crank out tons of stationery for The Paper Cub. This week’s wedding work really stepped it up, too: lots of unorthodox goodness in that department. Also, we got to print some client work for a graduate of the Mama’s Sauce Internship; that always brings a smile to our face.

White & Gold foil was used on these self-promotional coasters for Visual Supply Co. Printed on Neenah Classic Crest Epic Black 260 lb. Cover.

1 color screen printed poster by Adam Trageser. Order here.


1 color screen printed wedding invite by Stephanie Doyle. Printed on Walnut Veneer.

Bridal brunch invite by Kristie Hoover. Gold foil stamp on Colorplan Emerald.

Foil stamped bridal suite by Kristie Hoover on Colorplan Paper


Foil stamped & screen printed business cards for It! Events & Media. Designed by Sauce Internship Alum Lillian Vides and printed on duplexed French Pop-Tone Sno Cone & Neenah Classic Crest Natural White.

The rest of these goodies were designed by The Paper Cub and screen printed on French Paper.

Paper-Cub-You-Did-It-Card-2Greeting card by The Paper Cub. 2 color screen print on French Construction Pure White 100 lb. Cover.Paper-Cub-Mothers-Day-Stripes-Seafoam Paper-Cub-Mother-No-Other-CardPaper-Cub-Dad-Youre-Rad-Card Paper-Cub-Hexagon-Card Paper-Cub-Graduate-Card Paper-Cub-Best-Dad-CardPaper-Cub-Mom-Black-Card


Merry Saucemas

We thought we’d share a few pics from our recent Christmas party. This is actually the first full-on Christmas party we’ve ever had. We always want to, but we just get so dad-gum busy and it never happens. This year, it had to happen. It’s just been such a landmark year for us in so many ways. The volume and quality of our work has seen dramatic shifts over the past year and we just needed to celebrate. Fessey even hosted a trivia hour, which got rather heated. We got together for this family dinner at Palmer’s Garden & Goods and ate some very tasty Italian grub from Prato.

Our friend F Harvell of Occasional Photo came by to shoot the event at very short notice and we’re ever-so grateful. You can see the full gallery here.


MSCP20131220_0002 MSCP20131220_0007 MSCP20131220_0008 MSCP20131220_0018 MSCP20131220_0023 MSCP20131220_0031 MSCP20131220_0182 MSCP20131220_0266 MSCP20131220_0268MSCP20131220_0080MSCP20131220_0228MSCP20131220_0229MSCP20131220_0224MSCP20131220_0107MSCP20131220_0327MSCP20131220_0079 MSCP20131220_0087MSCP20131220_0221MSCP20131220_0172 MSCP20131220_0320 MSCP20131220_0353 MSCP20131220_0174 MSCP20131220_0198 MSCP20131220_0209 MSCP20131220_0258 MSCP20131220_0301 MSCP20131220_0316 MSCP20131220_0343 MSCP20131220_0363 MSCP20131220_0380 MSCP20131220_0295








The Fontacular Poster

A few weeks ago, we got an email from Monotype. Being obsessed with typography and the rich history of letterpress printing (for obvious reasons) we knelt in reverence while hearing their request. They were prepping for the launch of the Fontacular, a typographic savings spectacle. They really wanted to put out something special that they could use as a giveaway for enthusiastic tweeters. So…they had Brad Woodard design a poster and then they sent it our way for print.

Want one?

Tweet your heart out to @fontscom and be sure to mention #fontacular. The gang is looking for their favorite tweets so they can unload some goodies on you! They’re giving away some other stuff we worked on, too, including Typefight Heavyweight prints and Tattly cards!

Finished FullFontacular-First-ColorFontacular-Second-ColorFontacular Last Color Fontacular-Last-Color-2 Fontacular DripIMG_4038IMG_4034IMG_4092IMG_4076



Adam Grason: Helping campers everywhere.


Don’t leave home without your gun! Or this poster!  Adam & his wife Christina are the peeps behind Zadok44, a creative studio specializing in apparel, illustration, & branding. This 11″ x 17″ “Camping Essentials” poster was printed on .017″ maple veneer, and was inspired by Adam’s imminent Fatherhood and Davy Crockett.

“This project had a very dear place in my heart. My wife and I were waiting for the arrival of our first kiddo (Harper), and I realized that as a designer & dad I had a self-inflicted obligation to create a piece for his room. We went with a camping theme, inspired by Davy Crockett and the idea for an “essentials” set was born. My illustration style nods very highly to the old 50’s style, and I wanted to capture that with this piece. I am also a huge fan of imperfect line work and chose to intentionally have things be off. I think it’s important to explore digital imperfection. I did some research on the essentials of camping and consolidated my own ideas into the piece. The digital era we are in has totally skewed what is essential for camping, ie. an iPod is not essential, but I found it on several lists. I pushed hard for a ton of hours and got it just where I wanted it. I strived to create a piece that would be marketable and a piece inspired by the adventures I want to have as a parent. Be adventurous my friends!”

- Adam Grason.

We loved running this project! Any chance we get to print on wood is pretty exciting. It definitely adds a few variables to the mix. The ink tends to lay down a little rough if the wood is really grainy, and the screens will pick up a little more dust along the way. Nothing too crazy though, and overall if makes a print like this even cooler.


The “Camping Essentials” poster is available now in the Zadok44 Store!





Mama Welcomes Elizabeth!

After a lengthy scouring of the known world, Mama’s Sauce is VERY excited to announce that we have found our new letter press operator; Elizabeth Ross. Originally from Pea Ridge, Arkansas, Elizabeth made her way to the Sauce from Baltimore, Maryland; where she spent the last year and 1/2 there as a letter presser. After going to school for design at Harding University, Elizabeth found herself at a crossroads; not wanting to spend her career behind a computer screen, but still wanting to be involved in the creative process in some capacity. She began her career in the print industry with a bit of luck, as an apprenticeship in 2010 would quickly turn into a career & passion; ultimately leading her to her new home with us!


Elizabeth made a visit to the Sauce in May of this year, and after spending a weekend with the crew, both sides knew that this was a match made in print heaven. She has been with us for about a month now, and has since been churning out top notch work day after day. Any letter pressed projects going forward will be handled by our new “Queen of the ‘Press,” so be on the lookout for some great projects in the near future!



As an added bonus, not only did we get a super awesome new letter press operator, but she brought her dog too! The shop dog count now stands at TWO!


Mama’s Sauce brings home FPO Awards

We recently received the results from the annual FPO Awards, and Mama’s Sauce is VERY proud to announce that we have received 13 awards in total; including Best in Category for Silkscreen!

The FPO (For Print Only) Awards are an annual collection of the best in the print world, conducted by the good folks over at UnderConsideration. The judging criteria are right up Mama’s alley, with a 50/50 split emphasis on design and production. This year’s judging roster included five heavy hitters: three designers and two printers. Famed designer Art Chantry, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Design Army, Pum Lefebure, and Pentagram partner DJ Stout represented the Design judges. In-house printmaker at House Industries David Dodde and co-founder & production director at Vertallee Letterpress Brad Murph held it down for the Print side.

So, without further ado, here are Mama’s Sauce 2012-2013 FPO Award winners!

Clark Orr – “Willy Wonka Lick-able Wallpaper”

*Best in Category Winner*

Designed for a themed show at Gallery 1988, this poster recreates the ever-so coveted Lick-able wallpaper.



Lab Partners – “Bright New Year” prints

A series of 5 posters given to clients & friends, wishing them a happy new year.



Johnny Cupcakes – “Gaslight Anthem” poster

A very limited run poster designed by Chris DeLorenzo for an in-store appearance at Johnny Cupcakes London by Gaslight Anthem frontman, Brian Fallon.



Clark Orr – “3D Hoverboard” poster

This art print for Gallery 1988 presents assembly instructions for the most coveted of child’s toys: the Hoverboard. Did we mention the instructions are in 3D? Welcome to the future.



55 Hi’s – “Cheers” coasters

A set of 6 coasters encouraging you to drink to good health in 6 different languages.



55 Hi’s – “Robot Calendar”

A calendar for those who are either preparing for the coming robot apocalypse or impatiently awaiting the singularity. Whichever camp you are in—everyone is in one or the other, right?—these adorable robots will help lighten the mood and gussy up some wall space while you count the days.



55 Hi’s/Skinny Ships – “Letters” posters

Art print with 2 color variants: gold & silver.




55 Hi’s – “Live Well” poser

A 3-color, silkscreen beauty encouraging good livin’.



Dana Steffe & Samia Saleem – The Map Project business cards (Company now known as Karta)

These cards were designed to reflect the same ideology of the product—a tool to share places or notes with other people.



Signalnoise Studio – Gum Cards

A series of limited edition trading cards depicting some hot & heavy creative pros. Rare variants include a metallic Aaron Draplin, a glow-in-the-dark Johnny Cupcakes, and a glitzy “stadium card” featuring Mama’s Sauce.







Bluecadet Interactive folder

This pocket folder is designed for use with agency materials and served to frame printed correspondence and proposals in the whimsical and powerful identity of Bluecadet.



Matt Chase – “Join Dharma” poser

An art print giving nod upon nod to J.J. Abrams’ “LOST.”


Seamless Creative –  “Fortune Teller” Coasters

A set of four coasters providing predictions for different aspects of life: Love, Happiness, Career, & Adventure.


The UnderConsideration crew will be producing the annual FPO Awards book, as well as a paid access website for release later this year. We are very excited to have all of our award winners featured! Keep your best eye on the FPO site for more information!


Love Letters is Live!

We are pleased to announce that Love Letters is officially completed and orders are shipping today! We are so thankful for the efforts of each designer that contributed to the project as well as each of you who’ve already pre-ordered your set.

Our good friends over at Fiction heard about what we’re trying to do with Love Letters and came by to make a beautiful little film about the project. Side note: if you haven’t seen it, check out the film they made about our Kluge (which is now a Vimeo Staff Pick).

We still have sets for sale, so Click Here to get yours!


"A" by Fuzzco

“A” by Fuzzco


“E” by Justin Mezzell 


“I” by Aaron Draplin


“O” by Dana Tanamachi


“U” by Jon Contino


Ampersand by Jessica Hische


“Y” by Ross Moody, 55 Hi’s

Whether or not you’ve been to visit the Hamilton Wood Type & Print Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, the legacy and craft housed there has had an incredible impact on everyone in the graphic design and printmaking industries. Because of this, we were shaken to hear of their current plight. They’re being forced to relocate and need help raising funds to move and store their incredible type collection.

To help raise money and awareness for the museum, we’re releasing a set of 7 letterpress printed alphabet coasters inspired by the legacy and craft of Hamilton Wood Type & Print Museum. The set, made with paper donated by Neenah Paper and French Paper, includes A, E, I, O, U, &, and Y. As if the cause weren’t enough to mobilize conscientious creatives, this project has a roster to die for:

A: Fuzzco

E: Justin Mezzell

I: Aaron Draplin

O: Dana Tanamachi

U: Jon Contino

&: Jessica Hische

Y: Ross Moody

Click here to order your set now!


Love Letters Update: Check’s in the mail!

We’re pleased to report that we have received 50 pre-orders for Love Letters and we’re sending Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum our first check for the proceeds. We couldn’t be more pleased to send this check for $1,100 along to the good folks in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

We’re still taking pre-orders, so CLICK HERE to reserve your set now!

Spring 2013 Internship

Spot Color Internship Graphic design french paper co. signalnoise james white

We are feverishly elated to announce that the Mama’s Sauce Internship Program is now officially sponsored by French Paper Co.

No one shares our awkwardly intense enthusiasm for inspiring young print designers more than the fine folks at French. Together, we aim to build a program that introduces aspiring print designers to the world of spot color in a unique and hands-on sorta way.

Here’s a rundown of our new & improved educational gauntlet for Spring 2013:

French Paper Treasure Chest:

The kindly souls over at French Paper Co. will be supplying Mama’s interns with an arsenal of inspiring goods that are essential for any aspiring spot color print designer / paper geek.

Spot Color Seminar:

Learn a bit about the ins & outs of designing for spot color printing and demonstrate that learning by designing and printing a screen printed project.

French Sample Room:

Select intern projects will be proudly displayed in the French Sample Room.

Guest Professor:

Spring 2013 interns will have their portfolios personally reviewed by this semester’s Guest Professor: James White of Signalnoise Studio. This is a golden opportunity to hear a Canadian accent in a professional setting.

Hard work:

The only way to learn how to look at print is to look at print. A lot. We instill our obsession with quality in our interns by teaching them to check every single print that comes off press. Every printer at Mama’s Sauce got their start in quality control and it’s the only reason they can print the way they do.

Press Time:

Get to know letterpress and silkscreen printing by getting all up in the business of our presses. Learn to oil them, clean them, and help our pressmen run them.

The internships are unpaid, but we’ll happily work with your educational institution so that your work here is rewarded with credit. If you are not a student, don’t be afraid to throw your name in the hat!

If this sounds like something that makes you want to pee your pants, don’t fight that feeling. Click here to apply.