Mama’s Sauce Internship Program

Welcome to the home of the Mama’s Sauce Internship Program, brought to you by French Paper Company.

Summer 2014 Semester: 4/18 – 8/22

Guest Professor: Will Bryant

This unpaid internship is tailor-made for aspiring print designers. This session will run from April 18 until August 22nd. Our interns work hard and have access to a number of unique resources. Interns are responsible for product quality control as well as general shop upkeep. They also have exclusive access to a series of optional seminars…


  • Paper: A Tactile Odyssey

  • Prepress: Letterpress

  • Prepress: Silkscreen

  • Ink Mixing: Letterpress

  • Ink Mixing: Silkscreen

  • Spot Color Seminar: Participants get to develop a self-promotional project that will be printed by Mama’s Sauce on paper from our beloved French Paper Co.

The real pot of gold at the end of the semester is when our Guest Professor (the hoop dreamin’ Will Bryant) comes to town for a Portfolio Review. Interns will have the opportunity to share their work with Will and get some personal feedback which, if applied correctly, will make them rich & famous. That night, we’ll gather all our best buds (Will Bryant included) for a Summer Bash  that’ll echo in eternity…all in honor of our beloved interns.

Welcome to the Summer of Awesome-Sauce!

If you’re a motivated creative whose work ethic is rivaled only by your play ethic, APPLY NOW!


Please attach your résumé here.

86% of Sauce Interns report 15% growth in muscle mass over a 3 month period.