I have a confession.
It’s an embarrassing one. One that would be hard to admit, that is if I hadn’t had to confess it at least once a day for the past two years. I say again, two years… That’s how long I’ve been a printer without a business card. That is exactly how long it’s been since our staff of trained professionals, who specialize in creating these seven and half square inch handy (literally) little sheets of ink and reclaimed cotton and/or tree pulp, have been operating without cards of our own.

How does one in this profession get away card-less for so long? I can’t even imagine a dairy farmer without milk in his icebox, or a taxidermist without at least one moose head over his fireplace. But then again, there is that old adage, ‘The cobbler’s children have no shoes.’ I guess that applies to printers too?

Well not anymore. This cobbler’s kids got some shoes, baby. Some rad, letterpressed shoes. Clearly put, we finally carved out some time to design and print our own cards.

Being that it was a long time coming, we thought we’d go a little over the top. A two-color letterpress card duplexed (fancy talk for glued) to a chocolate brown french paper backing… Hit number one is a light hotdog colored kiss print, which is a slight graze of ink to the surface of the paper, leaving the surface’s original dimension in place. The second hit is a deep punch of light brown that ads the 3rd dimension, which the modern letterpress printing technique has become known for… The bite if you will.

Note the two-tone sides and brown back duplex.

We’re stoked on them…

Looking for a ‘one hit’ wonder? Check out the print we rocked right after the sauce card… A simple and elegant design done by and for our good friend Aaron Martin from Superwindy. Aaron has been wanting to do business cards since we met him ages ago… Being a designer – it took awhile to get it done. I guess we’re all cursed in this area? Working for others doesn’t allow us the time to do for ourselves? Well, It has finally happened for Aaron too – and word on the street is that he’s diggin on his new beasts.