Savannah + The Sauce. You Should Be There

So our good friends at BFG, SCAD & French Paper Co. have invited us to what promises to be an exciting new event for the south east… Band Wagon. Running in conjunction with the Savannah Record Fair, Band Wagon is going to run April 15-17. This is the first year of the event and it promises to be an exciting annual funfest centered around flat stock printing.

We’ve signed on to design a saucey pull your own poster print as well as give a little ol’ lecture of sorts. There will be workshops and talks centered around printing and designing for flat stock by some amazing printers and designers.

We’re super stoked on setting up shop and letting you pick out a French Paper stock and ink color for you to print your own poster! We bring the design and equipment, you bring your hands to pull the print… Now I can’t promise you anything on the letterpress front, but rumor has it that we may be letting you print your own 11×17 letterpress poster at our booth as well… Just sayin’

If you’re a designer, print enthusiast, student in the area, or just a good ol’ bloke or blokette who thinks this sounds fun – you should come out and jam with us for the weekend.

Check out the site as well as the other fine printin’ and design’ folks scheduled to be there… Shoot, if you’re a fine flat stock folk yourself, you may want to look into grabbing a booth for yourself!

See you in low country.

Who doesn’t love grocery stores?

The other day we shut down early for a very special tour group; the amazing creative staff of Publix Supermarkets.

Since most of us here at the Sauce were kids, we’ve been in love with the Florida-born grocery chain. They lure in the young with free chocolate chip cookies – no doubt the brain child of their genius founder, who could easily pass as the doppelganger for Walt Disney. If you FL people haven’t noticed that before, just check George Jenkin’s portrait in the front of your local Publix. You’ll also notice that 1920′s gentlemen have this cool about them that reigned until slayers like Cary Grant perfected the flow just a few years later.

I’m not going to lie, when Publix reached out about making a visit we were beyond flattered. Austin blushed for sure. We frequently nerd out on their incredible and clean branding, their packaging, and overall rad vibe that just owns here in FL… So needless to say, we were eager to put something special together for them.

As Publix has their own printing facilities that would put most commercial shops to shame, we decided to concentrate on the gaps that we would fill in. Our design aesthetic and unique print processes. We wanted to design something fun that we could print in front of them that they could have and use everyday. Coasters is was!

Enjoy some pics of the day and let’s do something like this together soon, ok?

Sketches from the desk of Brian at Itchy Illustration, he and Austin worked out the design.

Working out Publix’s pantone match

About to burn the white screen

The Publix team gathered around Wagner and Brooks

Loaded up in the letterpress magazine

All done. 2/0 Letterpress, Screen Print, and die cut for a live studio audience

Request a quote for your custom design idea here

Love for the large format

So our main man Chase over at Fiction hired us to print some 1 of 1 photos on our Glicee large format printer that documented his year in photographs. The 24×36 behemoths covered everything from the inauguration to B10 bombers and scuba diving. Each was finished off with a hand screen printed 1 of 1 tag and signed. You may have noticed Chase’s acute eye in the mini-doc he did on our Kluge earlier in the year. The guy has mega talent and a rippin’ Canon 5D MKII.

The deadly combo makes great prints and stunning video. Look out for flying dogs.

CHASE HEAVENER 2009 YEAR IN PICTURES from Northern Lights on Vimeo.

somebody’s getting mah-weed…

Whether you were able to decipher the title of this blog as what it’s actually phonetically saying, married, or you’re just learning now – don’t get too excited. No one around here is getting married. We’re all married to our work. Printing and designing… But, as of a late a lot of our work has been in the wedding arena. We’re currently designing a letterpress invite that is sure to push the limits of what we know how to do on these things… I can’t wait to post pics of it when it’s done.

A simpler print happened days ago at the wonderful Anna Bond’s (of Rifle Design) first young wedding professional’s event. It was held in her studio right next door to us. There were bagels, coffee, and real live letterpressing for an audience. I’d like to think we lived up to the pressure when we printed them favors for the day.

Anna snapped a few pics…

pics by anna bond

Want a live print in your house? Come help me move this 2,500 lb beast for the day and I’m in.

thanks to all in attendance…
Orange Blossom Ink
Trisha Hay Design
Boombox Bindery
Ashley Brooke Designs
Anavi Ink
Studio222 Photography
Grace Edmands Calligraphy
and of course the hostess anna bond of rifle design