Box Tops

We approached our good friends at Makr with the idea of modifying a letterpress to print their wallet boxes and this is the awesomeness that ensued. Video by Jonpaul Douglass.

The sweet sound of vinyl and how we help it come to life.

You know what I’m stoked on lately? No, not calypso music and sweater capes (though both have their place), but rather my vinyl collection. After spending years of scouring thrift stores, garage sales, record shops and distant relative’s basements – I have finally amassed a collection that I’m happy with. What happens next here makes me sad though. A leak. A tragic roof leak at the shop a few weeks back. Not only did it ruin some finished prints, but it also got into a room that held my entire collection… Boxed and waiting to move into my soon to be completed/newly renovated bedroom, said collection incurred a blow of epic proportions… Specially to the box holding L-R. Think about it. Led Zeppelin’s entire catalog. The Rollingstone’s (RIP Let it Bleed). Gonezo. So sad. Yet in it’s wake I have found comfort from the following:

1. The Otis Redding collection was at my desk. It is safe and sound.
2. We birth LPs to life daily here at the sauce. Countless records have seen the light of day with our help.

In the wake of a loss I see hope in new life as we print, die-cut, and ship brave new artist’s vinyl pressed music packaging out into a world of bursting pipes and rain storms – both crouching and waiting to wreak nature’s version of LP population control upon them one day. When and if it does – we will still be here waiting to help bring forth the scores of replacement jackets that will be needed.